Welcome Message from Russ Johnson

I’m back, you can’t get rid of me that easily.  I’ve never really been gone, just lurking in the background, attending a few events here and there.  I guess it was a bit of depression after my surgery that made me step down a couple years ago, but I’m glad Brian had the chance to take the lead and he did a great job.  I hope he takes a rejuvenating rest and comes back to being active again.  I’ve been asking the ACE Executive Committee for things to do, so when the Rep Director asked me if I wanted my old job back I said “Yeah!”

I’m glad that Brian is staying around to conduct Winter SOAR.  I’ll have to talk to the parks to see what else we can do this year.   Does anyone else in the region feel like I do that we should get involved a little more?  I mean, if the parks could use us and our volunteer efforts would help them, would you want to get a little dirty and help them get ready for the season? Would you want to work at Kings Island for a day?  Do you know of any opportunities either directly involved with the preservation of rollercoasters, or rollercoaster related fund raising methods to benefit the preservation fund?  Until I verify my ACE email is working again, please contact me at russ@coastercat.net.  Thanks!  It is good to be back.