Park Rules and Regulations

Now that park season has begun in southern Ohio, and continues to open up in other regions, we need to review ACE policy concerning park rules and regulations.  It was brought to my attention that an ACE member appeared in someone’s photo of Diamondback on opening day with their camera out taking POV of the ride.  Kings Island, and I am sure ALL amusement parks in America forbid riders doing that.  This person was wearing an American Coaster Enthusiast T-shirt.  This really makes the club look bad when something like this comes to my attention.  If I could have identified this person, they would have their membership revoked, and possibly be asked to leave Kings Island and not return.

As ACE members, we MUST abide by ALL Rules of EVERY park we patronize. Especially if we are going to wear any gear announcing that we are a part of this organization.  As by the bi-laws of the club, if you are caught breaking any rules of a park you are attending, you will be dismissed from ACE with no refunds.

So, I just ask that everyone abide by park policy, and have a great summer riding coasters!