Kings Island ACE Volunteer Update

Kings Island is still looking for volunteers to help run rides the rest of the month.  Last Friday more than a few rides were still while kids walked by with sad, dejected looks on their faces.  The full rides staff is just not out of school yet, so they need your help.  Don’t you want to see the smiles of the little girls and boys as they eagerly scramble to the ride that otherwise wouldn’t be open  if you weren’t there?  Even the carousel is fun!  I so wanted to say “Welcome back riders, how was your ride” as I was doing the spiel at the end of the carousel ride.  Maybe you’ll get the tough duty of patrolling the top of the Eiffle Tower.  If you want tough duty, there are coasters, if you want an easy, shaded job, do the merry-go-round.  You’ll also earn ACE about $50 for the Preservation Fund.
Contact Russ Johnson at right away.  They are planning another general rides session either Thursday night or Friday morning depending on interest.  Then you’ll be trained in detail how to work at your assigned ride.  They need volunteers during the day every Friday and the whole last week of May.  BTW, if you are interested in doing something other than rides, we’ll keep this group volunteer thing going all season long.  There are admissions, foods, and games jobs available.  You earn $7/hour for ACE and get a free ticket for every 20 hours you work, plus,
you can stay in the park after your shift to do whatever you want.  Let Russ know if you have any questions.