Final Days for Thunder Road, Shockwave and Gwazi

Thirty-nine year old wooden racing coaster Thunder Road at Carowinds will be giving its last rides on July 26.

Meanwhile Kings Dominion’s twenty-nine year old Togo stand-up Shockwave will be giving its last rides on August 6.

And on the west coast, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will be closing their wooden coaster, ROAR on August 16 after 16 years.

No news was given as to replacements for each.

After the loss of Gwazi, Colossus, Cyclone, Mantis and others last year, it is bittersweet. But we can be thankful for the fun they provided millions over the years; not to mention many are getting a modern makeover and will be with us, in a fashion, for years to come.

Go say your farewells to a few long time favorites to many.