Diamondback Statistics

Diamondback Logo

Diamondback Logo

  • 5,282’ track length
  • 230’ max. height
  • 215’, 193’, 131’, 129’, 110’, 106’ drops
  • 10 total drops
  • 80 mph top speed
  • Three minutes ride time
  • 1,620 riders per hour
  • 3 trains
  • Bolliger and Mabillard designed
  • $22 million investment

How does Diamondback compare?

  • Diamondback is in the top 20 for height, drop, length and top speed when compared with either all coasters worldwide or just the US.
  • 9th faster coaster in the US – placing it in the 1.20% percentile for US coasters (out of 744)
  • 7th tallest coaster in the US – placing it in the 0.94% percentile for all US coasters
  • 9th tallest drop in the US – placing it in the 1.20% percentile for US coasters

What’s it Like?

Think of it as a combination of Canada’s Wonderland Behemoth and Six Flags Over Georgia’s Goliath with a couple unique elements thrown in.  No, it’s not the tallest or fastest coaster in the world, but as you can see above – it’s right near the top.  Many have said it is the best ride Kings Island has opened since The Beast.  Judging by reaction at Ride Warriors Weekend, this coaster will be in most ACE’rs top ten list.  The line on opening day looped through Nickelodeon Universe, by the Eiffel Tower, back to the Beast and almost wrapped itself back to Diamondbacks entrance.  The park definitely has a winner on it’s hands.

Kings Island is now open Fridays and Saturdays from 10-10 and Sundays from 10-8.  Kings Island Gold and Platinum Passholders, as well as ACE members, get in for early rides every day (Sunday through Friday a half hour, Saturdays an hour) – just show your pass or membership card.