Diamondback to Strike at Kings Island in 09!

Kings Island Amusement Park has announced it will build its biggest and most exciting attraction in the history of the park! The 5, 282 ft long steel hyper coaster named, Diamondback will change the park’s landscape when it is opened in April of 2009.

Diamondback will be the tallest, fastest, and meanest coaster ever to come to Kings Island. The ride will stand at 230 foot at the highest point of the first drop. The first drop will be 215 ft, which is the tallest drop on any coaster at Kings Island. It will feature 10 vertical drops, 6 of which are over 100 ft. It will feature 2 helixes, one being 323 degrees, and the other at 287. It will end with a spectacular splash down ending. First hyper to end with such an effect. The ride will travel at over 80mph, and last over 3 heart pounding minutes!

The coaster is being built by Boliger and Mabillard (B&M) of Switzerland. It will feature the new unique 4 across stadium style seating. There will be 3 trains with 8 riding vehicles per train. The train will feature a unique diamondback face on the front of each train.

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