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Welcome Message from Russ Johnson

I’m back, you can’t get rid of me that easily.  I’ve never really been gone, just lurking in the background, attending a few events here and there.  I guess it was a bit of depression after my surgery that made me step down a couple years ago, but I’m glad Brian had the chance to take the lead and he did a great job.  I hope he takes a rejuvenating rest and comes back to being active again.  I’ve been asking the ACE Executive Committee for things to do, so when the Rep Director asked me if I wanted my old job back I said “Yeah!”

I’m glad that Brian is staying around to conduct Winter SOAR.  I’ll have to talk to the parks to see what else we can do this year.   Does anyone else in the region feel like I do that we should get involved a little more?  I mean, if the parks could use us and our volunteer efforts would help them, would you want to get a little dirty and help them get ready for the season? Would you want to work at Kings Island for a day?  Do you know of any opportunities either directly involved with the preservation of rollercoasters, or rollercoaster related fund raising methods to benefit the preservation fund?  Until I verify my ACE email is working again, please contact me at  Thanks!  It is good to be back.

Rep Change for SOAR

Dear friends, it is with deep regret that I have decided to step down as your rep for this region.  It has been a real pleasure serving you all for the last 2 years.  I have learned a lot.  I am considering other directions in my life at this point, and don’t feel I will have the time needed to continue to devote to this.

Russ Johnson will be coming back to fill in for awhile as Rep, and Adam Wasiljov will continue as Assistant Rep.  I will stay around until after Winter SOAR, as that event is already under way in the planning stages.  Winter SOAR will be on February 27th at Entertraintment Junction.  Details on that will be out at a later date.

Again, thank you for allowing me to serve the last 2 years as your rep.  I will still be around the parks this year riding coasters as usual. Just as a civilian!

Brian Neal

Krazy City Closes

It appears another amusement park has closed down.  Krazy City, located at the Tri-County Mall just south of I-275 on Rt 747 is no longer operating.  We have no further details at this time. Krazy City was a small indoor amusement center chain that mostly was located in major malls across the country.  The Tri-County location featured an indoor go-kart track, drop tower, and 2 other thrill rides.  Also included a concession center and full service restaurant.   We are sad to see another park close down.

Cedar Fair Agrees to be Acquired by an Affiliate of Apollo Global Management

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company who owns Kings Island,  Cedar Point and 9 other properties has agreed to be acquired by Apollo Global Management.  This is the official press release from the Cedar Fair Website.

SOAR Member Surpasses 900 Coasters

The American Coaster Enthusiasts Southern Ohio Region would like to honor David Cornell of Cincinnati, Ohio for his accomplishment of riding well over 900 coasters in his lifetime.  This past summer, David got his 900th coaster on Evil Knievel located at Six Flags St Louis.  Six Flags St Louis is the park where David began his coaster riding on the River King Mine Train some 30 years ago.   To this date, David has now ridden 967 total coasters.  Although, many enthusiasts have ridden coasters numbering in the hundreds, very few reach 900 and beyond. We congratulate David on this accomplishment!


Diamondback gives more than 1.85 million rides in debut season!

KINGS ISLAND, Ohio – The new Diamondback roller coaster at Kings Island ended the 2009 season with more than 1.85 million rides given – the most rides given by a new attraction at the park since the Vortex made its debut 22 years ago in 1987 (2.18 million rides given).

Gary Coleman, 67, of Monfort Heights, Ohio accrued the most rides on Diamondback this season, riding the tallest, fastest and meanest roller coaster to ever strike Kings Island 1,579 times in 90 visits for an average of 17.5 rides per day.

Kings Island 2010 season passes are on sale now at  Buy your season pass now and pay later in April, when the park and Diamondback open again.

…from Don Helbig

Freak Out Video

ACE member, Buddy Hall was kind enough to make this video and allow me to post it here on the site. Thank you, Buddy for providing this to us!

Long Time ACE member, Gary Baker Passes Away

Our hearts were saddened to learn of the passing of Gary Baker, long time ACE member, and assistant rep in the Western PA Region.  Gary passed away suddenly of an apparent heart attack Friday evening after going home sick from work.  Gary was a huge supporter of Kennywood Park. You could find him there during Halloween seasons, working as one of the scare actors.  Gary did so much for ACE as well. For those who ever attended East Coaster in Allentown, PA, you’ll remember Gary. He was instrumental in the success of that event.  We will truly miss Gary, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  Visitation and services will be this evening, October 19th.

2009 Golden Tickets Announced

The 200 Golden Ticket Awards by Amusement Today have been announced. The results can be seen at
We’d like to Congratulate our own Kings Island on winning Best Kids area 8th year in a row. Kings Island also won 2nd place for best new coaster with Diamondback. Diamondback and The Beast also placed 7th among the top 10 steel and wood coasters.  We’d also like to congratulate Cedar Point for Best Amusement Park 11th year in a row.

Halloween Haunt to desecrate Kings Island with more blood, terror and gore than ever before!

Most immersive horror experience around expanded to 16 terrifying nights

KINGS ISLAND, Ohio – There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  Screams of pure panic pierce the night in the most immersive horror experience in the Midwest – Halloween Haunt at Kings Island!

Halloween Haunt 2009 has been expanded to 16 terrifying nights and will desecrate Kings Island with more blood, terror and gore than ever before!  The bloodcurdling horror and mind-bending terror of Halloween Haunt features more than 500 ghastly creatures emerging from the darkness, 13 highly-intense and chilling haunted attractions including the new Slaughter House maze and Hot Blooded “live” show, along with some of the most hair-raising rides on the planet such as the new Diamondback roller coaster, a 230-foot tall monster that screams through 5,282 feet of track at speeds up to 80 miles per hour!

Halloween Haunt is not for the faint of heart and will ravage all of your senses.  This in-your-face horror experience continues to break new ground and is filled with terrifying chain-link mazes, frightening wooded trails, disturbing clowns in 3D and outrageous “live” shows.  No other Halloween event in the region can match the number of scares, blood, terror and gore.

Parents, be advised. Halloween Haunt includes graphic scenes, suggestive themes and intense imagery and is intended for mature audiences; not recommended for children. No one and nothing is off limits!

Gates to the underworld are open from 7:00pm to 1:00am every Friday and Saturday night September 25 through October 31 and select Thursdays (October 8, 15) and Sundays (October 11, 18) from 7:00pm to midnight.

Halloween Haunt is included free with park admission and season pass.

For more information on Halloween Haunt, including attractions, rides, photos, videos and deadly deals on tickets, log onto

Halloween Haunt at Kings Island.  All You Fear is Here!