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Coasting for Kids 2014


Cedar Fair Entertainment Company is partnering once again with Give Kids The World to host the 6th annual Coasting For Kids coaster riding marathon fundraiser. Visit Cedar Fair’s best-loved theme parks for marathon rides that will make a difference in the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses. For more information or to register, please visit

Join the “ACE for Kids” Team!

ACE members who participate in Coasting for Kids are encouraged to join the “ACE For Kids” team! Last year ACE raised over $20,000 for Give Kids the World, and this year we’ve set our goal higher. The primary goal of Coasting For Kids is to raise funds to support the mission of Give Kids The World and help provide cost-free vacations for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

What is Coasting for Kids?

This annual event is held at every Cedar Fair park, and the schedule for each park is described on the web site which will be updated as more information becomes available. Each park will include a ride session on one or more coasters, plus other activities for the participants to make it a great day at the park.

To participate, go to the individual park site and follow the instructions to register as a participant. Registration is $25 per person. During the registration process, you should join the “ACE for Kids” team.

In order to participate in the marathon each participant must raise a minimum of $75 in donations prior to the event. You are able to set-up a fundraising page as part of your registration. Please note, however, that the $25 registration fee and $75 fundraising must be reached by each team member in order to participate. Top fundraising prizes are awarded on an individual basis.

During the event you do not have to stay on the coaster for the duration. Breaks throughout the day are mandatory and you are more than welcome to come and go as you please. Bathroom breaks, or just breaks from riding in general, are allowed and encouraged.

And if you can’t make it to the event, you can still participate by donating to other “ACE for Kids” team members, or you may register at no cost as a “Virtual Rider” and still raise funds as an event participant.

What is Give Kids the World

Give Kids the World Village is a 70-acre resort complete with over 146 Villa accommodations, entertainment attractions, whimsical venues, and fun specifically designed for children with special needs. With the help of many generous individuals, corporations and partnering wish-granting organizations, Give Kids The World has welcomed more than 127,000 families from all 50 states and over 74 countries.

More information is at

Sign Up Today!

Find your Cedar Fair park’s Coasting for Kids team page and sign up today!

Winter SOAR is with the Northern Ohio Region’s Holiday Party

Instead of having a winter meeting down here this year, we are joining with the Northern Ohio region at their annual holiday party.  It is always a big event and this year is even bigger with a tour of Cedar Point’s Gatekeeper coaster construction site.  Here is the event flyer:

2012 Holiday Party Flier_FINAL

Registration must be done by November 17th.

Spring News

The parks are painting and cleaning up and training new employees and some of us have been on coasters already this year!  Your Rep team is busy trying to arrange some fun times.  Lisa is working on an event at the Columbus Zoo so we can visit the Sea Dragon.  I’m working on getting us in to Stricker’s Grove.  That event has a 50 person minimum, so I need some feedback to see if we have enough support for it.  Finally, I don’t know if ODOT still wants us, we haven’t been a great group for them, but if you are willing to pick up litter along I-71 just south of Kings Island, please let me know.  Thanks!  I hope to see you in a park some time soon.



Thinking out of the box

We are thinking about doing something a little different for Winter SOAR this year.  What about tubing at Mad River Mountain?  They have meeting facilities and after our little get together over some pizza and sodas we can kind of experience rollercoaster thrills in the middle of the winter on the slopes or tubing park of Mad River Mountain.  There is a charge for the room, so we need to know if enough people are interested that will keep the cost of the room per person down to a decent charge.  What do you think?  Please vote in our poll on the right  –>>

Status of Screechin’ Eagle at LeSourdesville Lake

Screechin’ Eagle is no more!!!  It has been completely torn down.  Sad day for rollercoasters and John Miller fans.  If you have any pictures of the Screechin’ Eagle, please send them to me and I’ll put some up on the website here.

More news:

And David Althoff’s video:

Spring 2011 Newsletter

First Highway Cleanup

Eric Holladay, Dave Jackson, Sheryll Johnson and I spent a few hours on a sunny Fall afternoon picking up trash along I-71 northbound outside of Kings Island.  We picked up 43 bags, leaving our trail along the way on the side of the road.  Nothing too nasty, a few piles of bones, a tire and lots of White Castle trash.  Our next pickup will be in March. 

Boo Bash 2010 Kings Island Event

Here is the flyer for our Fall Kings Island event.  Registration is online at Kings Islands’ website.  The link is at the bottom of the flyer.  It is probably on your Trick-or-Treat night, but treat yourself to a great time and the kids can get enough candy at Howl-o-Fest during the day.  I hope you’ll join us!



Notes From Winter SOAR

Kings Island

Don Helbig could not attend, but passed on the following…

  • There will be no Ride Warriors Coaster Weekend event in 2010, instead Kings Island will be offering exclusive opportunities throughout the season for clubs like ACE, such as behind the scream tours of the Beast, as well as other coasters and attractions.  An ACE member would simply need to show their current active ACE membership card at the designated meeting spot to participate.  Dates & activities for the 2010 season will be provided to ACE by April 1.
  • Construction is underway in the all-new Planet Snoopy.  Right now it is primarily demo work, as the props, signs, etc. from the former Nick rides and attractions are being removed. Each of the rides will be painted, which has already well under way.
  • Kings Island now has on official Facebook page.  Become a fan to receive the latest news, notes and information – as well as create and discuss topics.  Submit a question for our new daily 5 @ 5 – five questions will be randomly chosen and answered each day.  It could be yours!
  • No decision has been made concerning Son of Beast.
  • Starting April 30, Kings Island passholders & ACE Members get early ride-time on Diamondback and Beast, just show your card. 9:30am daily, 9:00am on Saturdays.
  • Remember the ACE stone that resided on International Street? Stop by Guest Relations and sign the guest book on each of your visits this season for a chance to win it. Every visit equals 1 chance to win the stone at the end of the season, 50 visits gets you 50 entries.  Don’t forget your ACE membership card, you will need your number.

Holiday Auto Theatre

  • Holiday Auto Theater is again offering ACE members free admission during 2010 – just show your Membership Card!
  • Show your card when you purchase refreshments and Holiday Auto Theater will match with a donation to the ACE Preservation Fund.
  • Join Holiday Auto Theatre on Facebook for the latest movie listings and deals

Gravity Group / Gravity Kraft

Mike Graham and Korey Kiepert updated us on their latest projects, including a run down on the progress of Quassy’s new coaster (2011) and the Timberliners being built for Voyage.  Don’t you wish you were there to hear the details?


Mike Graham updated us on CoasterDyanamix new website and new products on the way.  He even brought along the Sheikra model for us to watch in action (on sale soon!).

EnterTRAINMent Junction

In addition to the detailed behind the scenes tours provided by Don Oeters and his staff, Bill Mefford gave us the run-down on our host.

  • Only trained them family entertainment center on the planet
  • 80,000 square feet of fun under one roof
  • World’s largest indoor model train display
  • Giant interactive kids’ play area
  • American Railroading museum
  • Expo Center
  • New Hobby Shop
  • Seasonal Walk-Throughs
  • Party Rooms

EnterTRAINment’s anchor is the world’s largest G-Scale model train display…

  • 25,000 sq. ft.
  • There are three distinct eras in Railroading history
  • 90 locomotives
  • 1,200 train cars
  • 2 miles of track
  • 100 bridges & trussels, all built by volunteers
  • Everything 1/24th scale (G scale)

And only about 60% of the themeing they have planned is complete!
The other side of the building houses their walk-through attraction, which changes each season.  In the summer and spring it houses Funhouse Junction.  In the fall it is transformed into Jack O Lantern Junction for the kids during the day and Ripper’s Revenge in the evening for the adults. For the holidays it becomes Christmas Journey.
Nearby ACE Regional Events

  • May 15, 2010 – Holiday Hustle (Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari)
  • May 16, 2010 – Beech Bend Bash (Beech Bend Park)

Nearby Park Events

  • May 21-23 – Thrills in the Hills (Dollywood)
  • June 4-5, CoasterMania (Cedar Point)
  • June 4-5 – Holiwood Nights (Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari)

CoasterCon XXIII

June 20-24, 2010

  • Kennywood Park (West Mifflin, PA)
  • Idlewild Park (Ligonier, PA)
  • Conneaut Lake Park (Conneaut Lake, PA)
  • Waldameer Park (Erie, PA)

Door Prizes
And, of course, there were lots of door prizes!

  • Jeff Siebert and his staff at Schlitterbahn sent along a care package of tickets and swag – enough for everyone who pre-registered (as well as a few door-prizes)!
  • Dave Cornell and Derek Clayton donated enough Kings Island magnets for everyone in attendance.
  • There was a scavenger hunt with the winner (Karen Talley) receiving a cool puzzle provided by EnterTrainment Junction.
  • Holiday World sent us a box full of goodies, including admission tickets.
  • And to cap it off, Don Helbig and company at Kings Island gave us a huge Beast sign that hung by the rides entrance last season.

A big thanks goes to Brian Neal for, again, putting in the endless hours to organize Winter SOAR.  Thanks also to our volunteers, Derek Clayton, May Heck, David Cornell, Adam Wasiljov, and David Althoff.  And of course, a huge shout out to our host, EnterTrainment Junction.

Six Flags Rejects Lease – Kentucky Kingdom to Close?

On February 4, Six Flags announced it would walk away from it’s Kentucky Kingdom lease and no longer operate the park.  Permanent employees are being offered positions at other Six Flags parks. []

Six Flags announced today that as it nears the scheduled end of its restructuring process, it has decided to reject its lease with the Kentucky State Fair Board relating to the Kentucky Kingdom park. In recent weeks, Six Flags had proposed a new lease arrangement to the fair board that would have enhanced the viability and future of the park. Unfortunately, those proposals were not accepted and the park will cease operations and the company will move expeditiously to re-locate employees and several of the more than 40 rides and attractions to one of its 13 other markets.

“We are deeply disappointed to be leaving such a great fan base in the greater metropolitan area of Louisville and we are grateful to the thousands of employees at Kentucky Kingdom and the millions of guests for their dedication, support and loyalty over the years,” said Mark Shapiro, Six Flags President and CEO.

“This action relates solely to Kentucky Kingdom,” Shapiro continued. “The substantial lease payment has been a significant hurdle for this park in recent years. Our other parks, which reside largely on company-owned land, will be completely unaffected and will open as scheduled for the full 2010 season.”

Harold Workman responded (President & CEO of the Kentucky State Fair) []

“Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom announced this evening that, as it nears the scheduled end of its restructuring process, it has decided to reject its lease with the Kentucky State Fair Board relating to the Kentucky Kingdom Park. In recent weeks, Six Flags had proposed a new lease arrangement to the fair board that would have enhanced the viability and future of the park. Unfortunately, those proposals were not accepted and the park will cease operations and the company will move expeditiously to re-locate employees and several of the more than 40 rides and attractions to one of its 13 other markets.”

The statement misrepresents what has taken place.

Approximately thirty days ago, the Kentucky State Fair Board (KSFB) reached out to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) to offer to extend the park‟s bankruptcy court-imposed deadline of January 9, 2010 to either accept or reject its lease with the KSFB. The KSFB initiated dialogue with SFKK in an attempt to allow the park to maintain its operations. However, SFKK did not schedule a meeting with me until January 4, 2010, only days before the bankruptcy court-imposed deadline. At that point the KSFB did not have any financial information regarding the profitability of the park and only obtained that information a few days ago.

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson and city officials had this to say []

While holding out hope for a last-minute turnaround, Louisville officials said Friday that Six Flags appears intent on closing Kentucky Kingdom — weeks after asking for a deal in which it would pay for use of the park grounds only if it turned a profit.

Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro told reporters Thursday night that the bankrupt company’s decision to close the Kentucky park was final and that the announcement was not an effort to squeeze better terms out of the state fair board.

Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said that’s also the message Shapiro gave him in a conversation on Friday morning.

During a press conference Friday, the mayor said there is nothing the city or state can do to prevent the closing.

“All I can say is that the bankruptcy court is where this issue is going to be resolved. It’s a judicial matter,” he said. “Really at this point it is beyond the direction of city and state government.”

Other operators have approached the fairgrounds about operating the park, but no decisions will be made till after the bankruptcy Judge rules in early March. []