Banshee Media Day Review



Media Day, for those who don’t know, is a day prior to park opening when the park invites the media out to promote a new ride. For Banshee’s media day, Kings Island was AWESOME and invited members of coaster enthusiast clubs to sample their new toy!

Our day started at a very dark and chilly 35° at 530am. Upon arrival everyone was given(!) souvenirs- a Banshee etched glass block, Banshee Media Day T & lanyard, and a ticket for an on-ride photo. The park provided us with breakfast type food and libations, which I would go into detail about but as soon as I saw icing glazed croissants I lost all brain function (((droooooooool))).

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Ok, time to ride. Whatever God you all believe in was definitely showing some favoritism to Banshee; the sun rose behind Banshee with colors worthy of canvas, or at the very least lots of pretty pixels on FB. It’s a very photogenic coaster, obvi, it totally blew up everyones’s FB feed for the weekend. Crap, time to reign in my ocd, I’m supposed to be talking about the ride… Small disclaimer, I didn’t get on expecting anything other than a standard B&M invert ride, but then the first turn/drop took my breath away and stood my hair on end. The rest of the ride consisted of loudly vocalized thoughts such as OMG!, WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?!, and WHEEEEEEEEEEE!. Yeah, to say I was impressed would’ve been a complete understatement. Banshee has a crapton of force when it’s cold, which only got stronger as the day warmed. By noon I felt like Banshee was sucking out my soul through the bottom of my feet.

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So there was a big welcome ceremony/press conference. I was in the back of the crowd so I didn’t hear much, but I did hear this- at the 2:23 mark, and since I am a 9 year old boy at heart I just giggled, and giggled, and giggled, until someone standing close laughingly reminded me that this was supposed to be a serious speech, then I lost my sh!t and couldn’t contain the laughter anymore. Greg Scheid, thank you for making my day and giving me the best QoTD- He said “steel erection” hehehehehehe!!!

After the ceremony King’s Island also opened the newly rethemed Bat (which has a great view of Banshee’s backside from the station), the bungee swing thing (*a giant EF YOU to the one in Orlando that ruined me forever), and Delirium!

After a spin on The Bat and a couple Delerium rides (sorry Brad!) I got really sleepy, rides that rock/swing revert me back to the total comfort of childhood nap time, so we decided to partake of the fabulous lunch that was provided by the park, and coffee, lots of coffee. After lunch we returned to Banshee for as many rides as we could take before the media event ended at 2pm.

Thank you King’s Island for a spectacular day! Thank you Patrick for driving, sorry you lost the coin toss (not really 🙂 ). Thank you Don HelbigSara Kuykendall, and everyone else that put so much work into this day! And thank you to all my friends that attended and let me see their beautiful faces!