ACE Winter SOAR Now Accepting Walk-Ins!

First, we want to thank all those who sent in their registrations!  We were not expecting the turnout we had last year, after all ACE is about coasters and Diamondback is a heck of a draw!  As those of you who have been to EnterTrainment Junction will attest, you will not be disappointed.  What ACE’r doesn’t like trains, funhouses, food and prizes?!

Second, although we have a limit of 75 for this Saturday’s event, we still have a few more openings left.  EnterTRAINment has been nice enough to work with us and allow walk-ins and have ensured us that if we happen to pass the 75 mark that they will still accommodate everyone!  The cost will be $23 (cash only) for all day-of registrations for everyone. Remember this event is open to everyone, ACE member or not.

Check-in will be from 10:30am to 5:00pm with the first tours starting at 1:30.  We recommend you arrive no later than 2:00 to ensure you have sufficient time to take in all that EnterTRAINment has to offer, as well as attend a tour.

Please spread the word and come out and join in the fun.