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Kings Island: The Gary Wachs Years

Enquirer article:

CET’s Nate Byrum takes viewers on a nostalgic trip through Kings Island history with a new nine-part documentary available now on the station’s Web site,

“Riding History to the Limits,” believed to be the first film about the park’s history, takes you back to Hanna-Barbera Land, the Enchanted Voyage, Antique Cars, Sky Ride, Animal Safari monorail and the visit by TV’s “Brady Bunch” in 1973.

WCET Website:

As early as 1964, the design and concept of a groundbreaking amusement park was growing in the mind of an ambitious young man by the name of Gary Wachs. Until this time, modern amusement parks were leaving roller coasters and other thrill rides out of the mix. Mr. Wachs knew that bringing back the thrill to amusement parks was a path that would be as profitable as it was popular in the future of entertainment. After a five-year struggle, Gary’s dream became reality when Kings Island opened to the public in 1972.

The story of Kings Island combines archival film footage, photographs taken by Rick Norton and also by park patrons, and there’s also video shot recently in the park. Interviews include: Gary Wachs, Dennis Speigel, Charles Mechem, Jack Rouse, Don Helbig, Carmen Electra, Walter and Nancy Duff, Barry Williams, and Michael Lookinland. Hosted by Nate Byrum.

2009 Golden Tickets Announced

The 200 Golden Ticket Awards by Amusement Today have been announced. The results can be seen at
We’d like to Congratulate our own Kings Island on winning Best Kids area 8th year in a row. Kings Island also won 2nd place for best new coaster with Diamondback. Diamondback and The Beast also placed 7th among the top 10 steel and wood coasters.  We’d also like to congratulate Cedar Point for Best Amusement Park 11th year in a row.

Shoot The Rapids coming to Cedar Point in 2010

A Whitewater Family Adventure Begins!

Cedar Point Announces New Water Ride for 2010 Season

SANDUSKY, Ohio – Grab your paddles and climb aboard the newest river-ride adventure this side of the Appalachians! Shoot the Rapids, an all-new family water ride, will rise above Cedar Point’s rustic Frontier Trail when it makes a splash on Opening Day 2010.

During the 2,100-foot-long journey, adventurers will travel through a wooded area and around an illegal still used for brewing sweet-tasting elixir, all while encountering surprise water elements and special effects. Guests will navigate the waters aboard a 10-passenger boat. Riders will be seated in five rows of two and will be secured by individual over-the-head lap bars.

The excitement builds when the boats ascend one of two lift hills. The first and largest hill will be 85 feet tall and will drop riders down onto Millennium Island at a 45-degree angle. The second hill will be 49 feet tall and will end with a dramatic “shoot” through water rapids and rockwork.

Guests on the Frontier Trail can keep their feet planted on dry land and watch as riders complete their wet and wild trek down the final drop.

“Shoot the Rapids will instantly become a family favorite,” said John Hildebrandt, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. “Our guests wanted another option to cool off on warm summer days. We listened, and Shoot the Rapids will deliver the perfect combination of refreshment, thrills and new memories at Cedar Point.”

Shoot the Rapids will cost more than $10.5 million to build and will be the most expensive water ride ever built at Cedar Point. It will have a capacity of approximately 1,200 riders per hour. The ride will last three minutes. A rider height requirement has not yet been determined and will be released at a later date. The ride was designed and manufactured by IntaRide LLC of Glen Burnie, Md., the same company that built the Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force roller coasters and the Thunder Canyon river-rafting ride.

Ready to take a ride? Please visit for a computer animation of Shoot the Rapids, plus construction updates and photos, a live construction webcam, video blogs and more.

Halloween Haunt to desecrate Kings Island with more blood, terror and gore than ever before!

Most immersive horror experience around expanded to 16 terrifying nights

KINGS ISLAND, Ohio – There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  Screams of pure panic pierce the night in the most immersive horror experience in the Midwest – Halloween Haunt at Kings Island!

Halloween Haunt 2009 has been expanded to 16 terrifying nights and will desecrate Kings Island with more blood, terror and gore than ever before!  The bloodcurdling horror and mind-bending terror of Halloween Haunt features more than 500 ghastly creatures emerging from the darkness, 13 highly-intense and chilling haunted attractions including the new Slaughter House maze and Hot Blooded “live” show, along with some of the most hair-raising rides on the planet such as the new Diamondback roller coaster, a 230-foot tall monster that screams through 5,282 feet of track at speeds up to 80 miles per hour!

Halloween Haunt is not for the faint of heart and will ravage all of your senses.  This in-your-face horror experience continues to break new ground and is filled with terrifying chain-link mazes, frightening wooded trails, disturbing clowns in 3D and outrageous “live” shows.  No other Halloween event in the region can match the number of scares, blood, terror and gore.

Parents, be advised. Halloween Haunt includes graphic scenes, suggestive themes and intense imagery and is intended for mature audiences; not recommended for children. No one and nothing is off limits!

Gates to the underworld are open from 7:00pm to 1:00am every Friday and Saturday night September 25 through October 31 and select Thursdays (October 8, 15) and Sundays (October 11, 18) from 7:00pm to midnight.

Halloween Haunt is included free with park admission and season pass.

For more information on Halloween Haunt, including attractions, rides, photos, videos and deadly deals on tickets, log onto

Halloween Haunt at Kings Island.  All You Fear is Here!