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New Email System

We have decided to try this new system for our website. To All Southern Ohio members of ACE, you have been subscribed to our web site’s update system. Whenever something is posted, you will receive an email alert to check it out. This will be easier for me to get all communications out to everyone in a timely manner.  If for some reason you prefer to not received emails from the system, please let me know, and I will remove you. Keep in mind, however, no other emails will be sent out.  I believe this will be a great way to let everyone know about upcoming events for not only our region, but other regions if you would like to know what is going on elsewhere.

New Ways to Follow ACE SOAR

Want to be kept up on the latest going on in the Souther Ohio ACE region?  Now there are many ways to do so – choose what works best for you!

In addition to browsing to this web site you can choose to be notified of the latest ACE SOAR changes by:

  • Subscribe to the ACE SOAR RSS feed – click the link at the bottom of the ACE SOAR site.
  • Follow on Twitter – just follow the link under Contact Us.
  • Subscribe to the latest updates via email – enter your email under the ACE SOAR Subscribe  and hit send!

ACE SOAR Now on Twitter

You can now follow all ACE SOAR on Twitter!  Any time there is new developments you will get a tweet.

ACE Election Results


  • Mark Cole – 1095
  • Yvonne Janik – 538
  • Write-in – 7
  • Total Votes Cast – 1640

Vice President

  • David Altman – 1561
  • Write-in – 25
  • Total Votes Cast – 1586


  • Howard Gillooly – 555
  • William Linkenheimer III – 1066
  • Write-in – 10
  • Total Votes Cast – 1631


  • William Graves – 1572
  • Write-in – 20
  • Total Votes Cast – 1592

Amusement Today Awards Announced

The 2008 Amusement Today awards have been announced. Amusement Today is an industry magazine that has a best of the best awards this time every year.  Our own Kings Island won best kids area now for the 7th year in a row! So Congratulations to Kings Island. Cedar Point won best amusement park, now 10 years in a row! The Voyage won best wood coaster. Holiday World also won friendliest park staff and cleanest park.  Congratulations to our own Mike Graham and Gravity Group, as Ravine Flyer II won best new ride of 2008.  For a complete list of the 2008 awards, check out